Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact Cheapa Self Storage?

1300 85 42 85 (

Offices: Frenchs Forest (for application sign ups, collection of security pass/keys)
Chatswood (for application sign ups, collection of security pass/keys)
Brookvale Storage unit inspection by appointment
Elanora Heights Storage containers inspection by appointment
Orange (for application sign ups, collection of security pass/keys)

Q. How soon can I move my goods into my storage unit or container?

Depending on our availability it will be within 24 hours. Just call us and we will arrange a time, complete the application form, arrange bond and advance payment. Then we will give you a security pass for the Brookvale Frenchs Forest or Chatswood sites or the front gate master key for the Elanora Heights site.

Q. What if I don't need my rented storage unit or container anymore?

Simply contact us 7 days prior to the date you plan to vacate.

Q. How will I be pay for my rented storage unit or container?

To make it easier for you to budget, our prices are based on weekly rates. You will pay once a month and this amount is calculated by breaking down the weekly rate to a day rate and multiplying this by 365 days (1 year) and dividing by 12 to give a calendar monthly dollar figure.

When you first start renting it will be similar to renting a house i.e. you pay 2 weeks bond (you receive this back when you vacate) and 1 calendar month in advance.

Q. What size are Cheapa Self Storage units and containers?

Our Brookvale, Frenchs Forest and Chatswood sites are housed inside large warehouses and we have many different sizes to choose from. Please come and visit so we can show you around and you can decide what suits you best. Our wide variety of sizes means you are not tied into renting a standard sized unit which may be much bigger than you need. Please see our pricing information sheet to see the full range of sizes available.

The storage containers at the Elanora Heights site are available in 2 standard sizes 33.3m3 (6m long x 2.35m wide x 2.4m high) and 16.6m3 (2.95m long x 2.35m wide x 2.4m high).

Q. Are the units and containers secure?

The Brookvale, Frenchs Forest and Chatswood sites are equipped with fully alarmed security systems including CCTV surveillance on the inside and outside of the facilities. You will be given a swipe card which will disarm the warehouse so you can enter. This card also identifies who you are so we know at all times who comes and leaves which gives you peace of mind.

At Elanora Heights, our standard storage containers and front gate are fitted with steel lock covers to protect the padlock from being cut. Also the area surrounding the facility is considered safe with a church across the road and local residents all around.

Q. Are the containers weather tight?

Only A-grade (seaworthy) containers are used and regular maintenance is carried out to ensure the containers remain in this condition.

Q. What is the shortest period of time I can rent a unit or container for?

Our storage terms are very flexible from 1 week to several years.

Q. Do I supply my own padlock?

Yes you will need to purchase your own padlock. We sell padlocks if you need to purchase one on site.

Q. What hours can I access my unit or storage container?

Standard access hours are 6.00am - 9.00pm 7 days a week. Some of our sites can offer access 24 hours 7 days a week.

Q. Can you arrange Contents Insurance?

We recommend that you take out insurance. We have an affiliation with an insurance company that specialises in Self storage contents insurance. Please ask for a brochure and price list.

Q. Can you help me with transport options to move our goods into storage?

Yes, we can arrange removalists for you. We offer a free trailer service to customers who commit for 6 months storage or longer (contact us for more information). For shorter term storers, our small trailer is available for hire at competitive rates.

Q. What is Attic Storage?

Attic units: A very cheap option for long term storage with no access after initial once only pack. Customer meets a Cheapa staff member on site (Pre-booked). You load your goods into the mobile goods lift and Cheapa team member operates the goods lift to lift your goods up to the attic unit then you unload your goods into your attic unit. You then place your own padlock on the attic unit.

Click here for diagram of attic units

Q. What is Mobile/Long Term Storage?

Cheapa Self Storage's mobile/long term storage unit's service is designed for customers that want to put their belongings in safe and secure storage for over 6 months and don't need regular access for various reasons like travelling, archives and the extremely cheap cost reflects this. This service can save you on removalist costs from $500 - $2000. Access is limited to your Mobile/Long Term storage box once in our storage facility. If you require regular access to your belongings our self storage units would be a more suitable option and more cost effective.

Delivery of mobile/long term storage units is offered only on week days and must be booked in advance and is subject to availability. You have 3 hours (or up to 1 week in some locations) to pack your mobile/long term storage unit. If you require a longer period to load your mobile/long term storage unit you can load it at our Chatswood facility over 2-3 weeks if needed. The delivery and re-delivery service is FREE if you store for over 6 months. You are entitled to a re-delivery in every 6 month period thereafter; if more than one delivery is required the charge below will apply. If storing for less than 6 months, or if you require your unit to be returned within the first 6 months a delivery charge of $120.00 will apply for both delivery and re-delivery ($240.00).

If you choose to load and unload your unit at one of our facilities you have up to 2-3 weeks to pack your unit in your own time.

If you need to access your unit, you simply contact us the prior Friday and your unit will be ready for you at your nominated facility the following week. If storing for less than 6 months, or if you require your unit to be returned within the first 6 months a delivery charge of $120.00 will apply for both delivery and re-delivery ($240.00). Re-delivery of your unit is only to one of our locations listed on our website.